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UP Quill

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Lucresia Liwanag
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the organization.

UP Quill is a a duly-recognized organization based in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Since the establishment in 1994, it has been promoting the knowledge and appreciation of literature and creativity throughout the UP Diliman community and beyond.

Through numerous activities such as the staging of regular poetry readings, the publication of its literary folio, and projects such as the Ikot Poetry program, it has earned its reputation as the most active literary student organization in campus. Workshops for budding young writers and performers have become a regular Quill activity.


Visit our cyber home at http://upquill.tk; check out our official activities at http://upquill.multiply.com; peek around our private world at http://upquill.myphotoalbum.com; drop a note or become our cyber friendster friends at lucresialiwanag@yahoo.com.

in other news...


Hyper Sparkplug is the online Quill reader which features literary theories, essays and works from various writers. MP3 and video downloads may come up every once in a while too. Download and author requests are welcome but may not always be entertained (this depends on the amount of free time the moderator can sacrifice). Everybody is free to join, application is not necessary.