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New Writing.

Lucresia Liwanag
Date: 2007-01-31 23:11
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Dear Quill members, 

The deadline for portfolios is on February 9, 2007. A portfolio must contain 5 poems or 3 short stories or 2 graphic short stories. They must be in English or Filipino.Please submit them via e-mail at chloexenia@yahoo.com and at the locker. Quill alumni get more time and of course, the choice of whether to submit or not. Because of the abundance of works under it, and because many Quillies are doing their theses on it and on subjects relating to it, this Amok's theme will be Space ( as in empty space, not the final frontier).

Also, the full moon is rides on February 2, 2007.

On February 3-4, 2007, there will be a Read or Die Convention at the Hotel Intercontinental featuring the Star Ship Troopers and lectures on sci-fi and fantasy. Just in case any of you are interested.

Your friend,


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